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Findings From the Government COVID-19 Response

These Snapshot Reports presents the findings from the government COVID-19 response tracking survey conducted in the regions across the country. Main findings are: the pandemic affected access to food particularly for poorer households and therefore most families needed support; the government food package didn’t reach all households; The monetary aid didn’t reach all households but […]

Gambia Heading in the Wrong Direction – According to Latest Survey

In December 2021, Gambians will head to the polls for their first presidential election since the removal of longtime leader Yahya Jammeh in 2017. Amidst a proliferation of political parties and an increasingly liberal media environment, the election is expected to be keenly contested (Jaw & Jeng, 2021). The election will also be affected by […]

Corona, The Gambia and The Millions

This investigation looks into the millions of dollars that The Gambia government has received in combating corona virus pandemic and how these monies are spent. In a global crisis, priorities and resources are often diverted, paving way for the fringe to move into the mainstream through systematic acts of corruption. This results revealed how millions […]