Forum For The Review Of The Draft Constitution

The Centre for Policy, Research & Strategic Studies (CepRass) in collaboration with International Republican Institute (IRI) held a Stakeholders Forum to review and critique the Public Finances section of the Draft Constitution. The forum brought together over 150 representatives of the University of the Gambia, civil society organisations (CSOs), and development partners.

The CepRass stakeholders’ forum provided a platform for students, academic staff and the general public to understand, educate, discuss and debate on the constitution so that they can fully participate and present unified and informed recommendations to the CRC. However, there is increasing evidence that constitution enjoy broader legitimacy if it emerges from inclusive and participatory processes that allow all actors to forge common institution.

The discussions focused on eight substantive issues covering important areas on Public Finances. Participants in the Forum evaluated the Draft constitution and made proposals for amendments with regard to: (i) Principles of Public Finance (ii) Exchange Rate Dealings, (iii) Financial Probity of Public Officers (iv) Management and Administration of Public Funds (V) Public Procurement (VI) Taxation (VII) Loans, Grants, Government Guarantee & Public Debt and (VIII) Budget Processes. These discussions also deliberated on other areas of the Draft Constitution.

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